Monday, February 9, 2009

Kiewit crane time lapse

Manitowoc 999 Crawler Crane
I started another time lapse project today. My job was to document the disassembly of a Manitowoc 999 Crawler Crane for Kiewit Southern in Miami, Florida. The gigantic crane had to be taken apart and shipped to another Kiewit job site. This time lapse project was challenging for several reasons. First, I wanted to shoot enough frames to produce a film that played back at 24 frames per second. The original footage is 1920 x 1080 and so I ended up having to swap 8GB memory cards while the camera was running. The second thing that made this time lapse film more difficult was the shifting center of the action. I had to change the camera location several times and do a few pans and zooms while keeping the timeline visually seamless. I have to say its one of my best films to date.

Kiewit crane time lapse by Robert Giordano on Vimeo.