Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Montauk Lighthouse

Montauk Lighthouse, Long Island, New York, Copyright 2010 Robert Giordano

Today, I made my way up to the north end of Long Island to get this shot of the Montauk lighthouse. It was commissioned by George Washington and built in 1796. I was with my friend Dan Beyer.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Saint James' Church, New York City

Saint James Church in New York City, Copyright 2010 Robert Giordano

I'm staying at my friend Jon's house in Long Island. Today, he had to meet with a client in Manhattan and I went along for the ride. He dropped me off near E 65th and Madison. Saint James' Church, on 71st and Madison, is one of the first places I stopped. The church was originally built in 1884. Next, I walked up to 82nd and 5th to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I went inside for about an hour but I could have spent the whole day in there! I tried calling my friend Thea but she never got back to me. I walked a total of 8.6 miles before returning to meet Jon.

Nikon D90 with Nikon 12-24mm f/4.0 lens. Exposure: f/4 1" ISO 200. I'm using the church bench as a tripod.

Here's my track on Google Maps:

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