Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Edgar Allan Pwned!

Edgar Allan Pwned
I visited the Apple store in the mall today and I couldn't resist leaving my mark. I keep a little USB drive on my keychain, loaded with all kinds of fun little goodies. By the way, if you haven't already been there, you should visit the world's most popular site about Edgar Allan Poe, If you want to download my Edgar Allan Pwned photo for your own computer (or others') you can download it here.


Anonymous said...

Hello Robert,
By funny chance I am Robert Giordano also. I live in Sacramento California, but grew up in New York City. Read your biography and like you I grew up taking apart my families appliances, drawing was my passion in high school (comic books mostly), went into the military worked on Sr-71 and U-2 spy planes and wound up at Intel corp working as an engineer. Although I am quite a bit older than you, I just saw so many comparisons. Not so much into art and photography these days. Did about 15 years of photography and have boxes of pictures pre-internet and old school film. Spent 20 years playing in bands play guitar and bass. Just wanted to say keep going like your pitures and blog.