Sunday, January 25, 2009

VAG Plaza

Vag Plaza, Pompano Beach, FL
I pass by this sign almost every day. It's in Pompano Beach on US1, just north of Atlantic. Its a nice sign, right? Every woman I show this to thinks its hilarious and can't even believe its real. When I show this photo to men, some get it but most scratch their heads and ask me what they're supposed to be looking at. I wonder what the people think who work at the various stores in the plaza? What about the company who made the sign? What does the property owner's mother think? What they need in this plaza is a gynecologist. Maybe several.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I am a woman, live in the area, and get a chuckle almost daily!

Unorthodox and Questionable said...

I see this every day, too ... still amuses the hell out of me.