Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ocean Moonlight Time-lapse

Ocean Moonlight Time-lapse
What does Robert do when the moon is full and he can't sleep? He sits on the beach with his camera and tripod and watches the moonlight and clouds over the ocean. Today's image is the last frame of a 2 hour time-lapse sequence. There was a strong breeze from the southeast and the clouds were moving quickly, even in real time. Other than being resized for this page, the image appears exactly as it was shot and has not been adjusted. The exposure is ISO 400, F4 @ 18 seconds, using a Nikon D200 and 12-24mm ED IF DX Nikkor lens. As it says below, this photo was taken at 2:26am. The illumination is all from the full moon overhead. Notice the stars in the background.

The original footage is HD 1920 x 1080 but here's the YouTube version:


Unknown said...

It's beautttiifffullll. :]