Monday, October 20, 2008

Fort Lauderdale Sunrise

Fort Lauderdale Sunrise
I spent another late night in Miami, editing web sites. I returned to Fort Lauderdale a little after 6:30am and I decided to watch the sunrise before going to bed. What an amazing and peaceful moment it is to sit on the beach just before the sun comes up. Before people are engaged in their mad scramble to get to work. Before the beach is filled with tourists and retirees. Before the noise of the city overtakes the peaceful sound of the ocean. For a moment I imagine I am somewhere else, on a tropical island, far away from cell phones, clients, and venti mocha frappuccinos.


Anonymous said...

I think sunrise is my favorite time of the day, for all the reasons you mentioned.
It's one bonus of being either a late late night owl, an early riser, or just an all-around insomniac (like me).
I ride my bike for several miles very early in the a.m. and my favorite place to stop and catch that time between night and day is at Palmetto & A1A. If I'm there early enough I often get to glimpse a few shooting stars.
Makes me feel good about the world.
At least until some chump tries to burst my bubble. LOL